[Owncloud] Mockup (1 - Files)

Fran├žois K. daitheflu at free.fr
Thu Nov 4 14:20:33 UTC 2010

Hi !

Thanks for your replies, this is very motivating :)
As promised, I've spent a couple hours making an online mockup for the "Files thing". It can be seen here : http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/

I've added a bit of javascript (thanks jQuery) to show some interaction. This is a mockup, so don't expect JS to work perfectly. It also misses a few icons. I don't have KDE's here right now, and will add them asap.

Feel free to make any comment, they will be much more appreciated. Depending on them, I'll go on with this 'model'...or not :)



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