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Matias Hernandez msdark at archlinux.cl
Thu Mar 25 22:28:48 UTC 2010

(First sorry for my english.. i speak Spanish)
Hi, i'm from Chile and  i've been watching this project for a while.
and now, i want to work in it, i'm a php developer (freelance one).

I am a student of Civil Engineering Computing in Chile (Universidad Católica
del Maule, Talca, Región del Maule) and am about to graduate.

I love to work somewhere in the project, so I would like to know where to
begin, or where they need further help, or where it is appropriate to target
my nose.

Greetings, and thanks for reading

Matías Hernández Arellano (msdark)
Ingeniería Civil Informática
Miembro Fundador Archlinux-CL - WikiAdmin
Jabber: msdark at jabberes.org
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