[Owncloud] planing 1.1

Robin icewind1991 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 15:07:08 UTC 2010

On Thursday, June 24, 2010 16:23:20 Frank Karlitschek wrote:
> Hi all,
> now with 1.0. out of the door I would like to start planing 1.1
> I would like to do the discussion on this mailing-list so that everybody is
> on the same page.
> I think we should release 1.1 really soon with some polish and small
> feature enhancement. I think we a development window of 6 weeks starting
> today an 3 weeks of beta testing is realistic.
> So let´s start a discussion and planing who is doing what for 1.1
> - I will extend the OCS API to support extended attributes so that Martin
> can do the KDE integration for his GSoC project. - I will also fix and
> extend the pluginsystem so that we support real plugins like a mediaplayer
> or a photo gallery. - Sharing of files with others. I already have some
> code and I will work on this.
> What are your plans?  :-)
> Cheers
> Frank
> --
> Frank Karlitschek
> karlitschek at kde.org
First, congratulations everyone with the 1.0 release.

I'm currently working on a mediaplayer plugin and have an initial version of 
PostgreSQL support done.

For the mediaplayer, I already got collection scanning done and will start 
with the web interface soon, I also hope I will be able to implement Ampache's 
XML API so media players who support that (Amarok) can use your media 
collection directly from the cloud.

The work PostgreSQL support was for the biggest part porting the database 
creation from mysql/sqlite specific queries to an database scheme xml file and 
MDB2_SCHEME, the actual PostgreSQL support was very little code thanks to 
MDB2, but both things need a lot of testing.

As fir the OCS API, I think it will be useful if it gets extended in a way that 
it can be used for a distributed login system (like openID), but I'm not sure 
what the best approach is.

 - Robin Appelman

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