[Owncloud] XML-Error list files with german umlauts

Reinhard Schneidewind mailing_lists at bluevisiontec.com
Tue Jul 13 17:11:51 UTC 2010


just got an xml-error in with german umlauts and firefox. Firefox says 
"not defined entity" (translated from german error message).
So I took a look at files/get_files.php and saw the problem. The 
function htmlentities is used to encode special characters, but in xml
these are not specified.
Because owncloud uses utf8 as charset for the html-pages it is not 
necessary to escape special characters. This means it would be
enough to escape xml-related characters (|'&', '"', "'", '<', '>','\'',) 
for xml attribute values.

In this case the utf8tohtml function would be unnecessary.

Please try the attached patch with german umlauts or other special 
characters and compare it with the original version.

Regards, schnere
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