[Owncloud] RSS reader with syncing

Clément 'clemux' Schreiner clemux+kde at clemux.info
Thu Apr 8 19:36:44 UTC 2010


I'm still looking for a way of pushing articles from the agregator to the 

pubsubhubbub, suggested by Mario is based on web hooks, and thus does work 
only between HTTP server/web applications.

The Google Reader protocol is not open, there are only non-official API using 
HTTP requests.

I don't think we will be able to do that without a shell access to the server 
and running a daemon, and so that would remove the "works everywhere" 

Any idea, thought?

> Hmm, I think it is important that "installation" of the owncloud is as easy
> as possible and runs on as many servers as possible. If we rely on Python
> we limit the number of users who can run ownCloud because their hoster
> doesn´t have Python support.
> So I suggest to use PHP because it works basically everywhere. Unless it is
> _really_ important to use something else.

Yeah, but can WebDAV be used on any hoster? I know the webdav server-side is 
currently written PHP, but can all the protocol features be implemented like 
that? (After some research it seems it's impossible, but I could be 
mistaken... :)


Clément Schreiner

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