[Owncloud] RSS reader with syncing

Clément 'clemux' Schreiner clemux+kde at clemux.info
Thu Apr 1 15:17:42 UTC 2010


I read that Frank added the "rss reader with syncing" to the roadmap for 
version 1.1, and I'd like to work on that.
Do you have any specific ideas how to do it ?

I'll introduce quickly how I would do it, but I don't know if this would be 
the right way, so I'd like to hear your suggestions :)

A server pulls RSS feeds periodically and stores them in a SQL database, or 
maybe using with Akonadi, or something else. Each feed would have tags and/or 
categories , and a state (read, unread, new, ...)

The different readers would stay connected to the server, receiving new 
articles in a "push-like" way. They could choose to get only unread articles 
(for limited bandwidth on mobile devices for example), and to read them 
directly from the server, or instead first storing them locally to keep a 

My main problem is the communication between the server and the readers... do 
you know any protocol that would be suitable for this use, or we should 
develop our own?

I was also wondering has PHP been chosen as the only language for the project, 
or could Python be used for the server part of this newsfeed reader?

By the way, I'm a student, so it would be great if you thought that I could 
turn this idea into a GSoC proposal :)


Clément Schreiner

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