[Okular-devel] Smooth scrolling and Zooming

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed May 23 17:26:04 UTC 2012

El Dimecres, 23 de maig de 2012, a les 14:34:28, Benjamin Trias va escriure:
> Dear all,


> I'v been lacking a good tool for studying* and since I have some knowledge
> of programming, albeit basic, I've started a project to create this tool,
> surrounding a PDF viewer.
> Working with PyQt4 and python-poppler-qt4 I've managed so far to display
> PDFs in a scroll area and make some text selection. However, the zooming
> and scrolling on the document is very poorly rendered. Scrolling is delayed
> while the image is loaded onto visible pages and zooming (i.e. resizing the
> document) renders all rickety and flickery.
> Would you have any suggestions on how to proceed?

Use Okular?

Don't really know what's the purpose of your question in this mailing list.


> Thanks.
> Benjamin
> **That's not completely true, there is Mendeley which achieves most of what
> I want to do. Although its freeness depends on a limited cloud, which soon
> asks for money to get larger.*

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