[Okular-devel] Review Request: Ask "Save annotation changes?" if there are unsaved annotations that cannot be saved locally

Fabio D'Urso fabiodurso at hotmail.it
Wed May 23 13:41:04 UTC 2012

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Review request for Okular and Albert Astals Cid.


Recent patches introduced a case (PDF file with existing native annotations and without /Encrypt) in which annotation changes are not saved locally.
This patch turns Okular into a ReadWritePart and checks for such annotation changes in queryClose().

Annotation editing is always disabled if we're loaded as ReadOnlyPart, no matter the document type.
I can change it, if necessary, to prevent annotation editing only in PDF files with existing native annotations and without /Encrypt. I didn't do that because I think that this behavior can be confusing for users.

I added the KParts/ReadWritePart ServiceType only in okular_part.desktop (which only handles .okular archives) so that other apps don't think that we are a real editor for all supported formats.


  core/document.h cd36ae7f19c4fad7f192073bc0806901e9b29a85 
  core/document.cpp e27b7906a8576f68c5a50b360ebe9019f643617f 
  core/document_p.h ac24cf9d7995e95560899f546248685f05da9b90 
  core/observer.h 266993ce99927f1629d964e0bd597786c991428e 
  okular_part.desktop 9307253d7d4a543db06a6912ccc61cdd0aeaa365 
  part.h 39cdb721877283380af1b30c85f564a91f183de0 
  part.cpp 4c6aac8eab36b7e3f430afae92109d2e4ff3c75d 
  shell/shell.h 850e7e37fa9780e301cc33ae084cd57f7967d871 
  shell/shell.cpp af4aa25f602b2749b8d9112174562525a76cc40c 

Diff: http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/105020/diff/


It works for me.

Expected result:
- It's possible to edit annotations if we're loaded as ReadWritePart (eg by Okular native shell). If you annotate a PDF file with existing annotations and without /Encrypt, you also get a "Save changes?" prompt if you try to close the document (by pressing Quit, reloading, opening another file, or following a link to another document) and you haven't saved yet.
- It's not possible to edit annotations at all if we're loaded as ReadOnlyPart (eg from Konqueror), not even non-native ones. The relevant GUI items are grayed out.


Fabio D'Urso

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