[Okular-devel] [Bug 199184] okular trunk jumps back to first page on file change

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Hi guys,

I am using Okular 0.10.5 (KDE 4.4.5) on ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I use kile (2.0.85
KDE 4.4.5) to write latex documents on and Okular to read the pdf. But the
problem mentioned above by others started about 1.5 months ago (it was fine
before that). The workaround suggested on comment #7 does not work for me. As
I'm using Okular to read a large document, this is becoming a major issue. Have
you found a solution yet? If you need to reproduce the problem:

1) Compile a document on kile
2) Look at the document using "View pdf" on kile or open the pdf file.
3) Make changes to the latex document in kile and recompile
4) The position of pdf file is now at the beginning instead of where it was
before recompiling. 

Any solutions you may have found will be gratefully received.

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