[Okular-devel] [Bug 213876] Konqueror crashed closing tab [KonqMainWindow::slotPartActivated, KonqViewManager::doSetActivePart, KParts::PartManager::eventFilter]

David Faure faure at kde.org
Tue Mar 16 20:55:47 CET 2010


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--- Comment #11 from David Faure <faure kde org>  2010-03-16 20:55:32 ---
First step: reproducing the bug. Using the pdf from bug 214380 I found the
following steps:
* konqueror
* Ctrl+T (to get a second tab)
* Back to first tab, click on an entry in the table of contents (important so
that it has focus).
* Ctrl+W (close tab) -> crash.

Okular::Document::closeDocument calls TOC::hasTOC(false), which hides the TOC
widget, which triggers a focus change (the Sidebar gets focus), which
PartManager notices, and it tries to set the okular part as active again.

OK, removing part from PartManager before deleting it, seems to work. Commit
coming up.

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