[Okular-devel] Layout of the toolbar

Florian Graessle holehan at kde.org
Mon May 14 16:47:24 CEST 2007

Pino Toscano wrote On 14.05.2007 0:32 Uhr:
> Hi,
> as you might know already, Okular's main toolbar is basically the one you can 
> find in KPDF, with the few changes to the labelling of two zoom actions, and 
> to the order of the zoom combobox.
> Thus, it is:
> Open (recent, dropdown) || Back | Forward || Zoom combo | Zoom out | Zoom 
> in || Fit width | Fit page || Browse tool | Zoom tool | Select tool
> (quite some, yep)
> Now, basing on facts like:
> - many people usually confuses the left/right arrows as being the 
> previous/next page actions
> - http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=92620
> - http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=139825
> - the Fit * actions are already in the zoom combobox
> - the new Text Selection tool might be more used (I think)
> - ... add your opinions here ;)
> I would like (and I suppose to not be the only one) to give the Okular toolbar 
> a new fresh look.
> My personal idea would be:
> Open (recent, dropdown)

Okular is a document reader/image viewer that is hardly ever invoked
from the KMenu, the quick launcher or other application startup
mechanisms. So the likelihood that people are frequently starting okular
and then open a document from within okular is rather low. Also Sharad's
survey showed that only a fourth of the participants rely on the open
file dialog when it comes to opening documents. In addition to this the
"Open/Open recent..." menu entry is always at the same place across
applications and platforms - it's one of the first entries in the "File"
menu and as such well known and quickly accessible.

To make a long story short, I (once again ;) ) suggest to remove the
"Open/Open Recent..." toolbar entry.

> || Previous page | Next page ||

The Oxygen icon survey showed that a lot of people mistake the
"Back/Forward" buttons for the "Previous Page/Next Page" buttons, so I
second your proposal. Do you plan to display the current page number
there too?

> Zoom combo | Zoom out | Zoom in ||

OK. (Unfortunately there is no solution yet to control the width of the
zoom combo :( )

> Browse tool | Zoom tool | Select tool | Text Selection tool
> with the option of removing one of Zoom tool/Select tool.

We should probably consider putting an "Annotation tool" there as well,
since it is another exclusive tool mode.
The Select/Text Selection tools could be combined (I'll have to dig
deeper in the HIG to see what is suggested in that regard). Then the
Zoom tool could be removed.


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