[Okular-devel] Configuring the annotatin tools

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Sat Apr 21 14:07:31 CEST 2007

Alle 17:31, venerdì 20 aprile 2007, Florian Graessle ha scritto:
> [resending, this time including the list ;) ]

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> Pino Toscano wrote On 20.04.2007 11:52 Uhr:
> > the annotating possibilities of okular include also a number of tools
> > that can be used, eg underlining, highlighting, geometry shapes, text
> > tools, stamp, and so on.
> > The ones you see in the annotating toolbar (Tools -> Review, or F6 --
> > suggestions for better menu/namings/shortcuts are welcome) are just some
> > of the possible tools.
> > What I'm thinking about is adding a dialog, much like the one you use to
> > configure the toolbars of every KDE application, to choose the tools to
> > be shown in the annotating toolbar, and their order.
> > Of course, this implies we should do a proper choice of the default tools
> > in the toolbar.
> >
> > What do you think about the idea, for all the points of view?
> Giving users more choice with the annotation types is a good idea :)

That's what I think too, of course without making their life more complicated.

> If I understood you correctly on IRC the other possible tools are mainly
> (merely?) variations in the stroke color. So besides the thin green
> highlighter we currently have this meant e.g. a red thin highlighter?

Not really - there could be variations of the annotation subtype, for example 
we have the "blue ellipse" tool, and constructing it you change it later (via 
the Properties dialog) to a rectangle. Similar way for the types of text 

> If so what about offering the current annotation tools and for each
> (where applicable) let the user choose among a set of colors. This would
> offer a broader selection of colors to the user alongside an easier way
> to choose the right color (compared with a toolbar configuration
> dialog). Have a look at a quick mockup:
>   http://okular.holehan.org/uploads/okular_annotations.png

The idea is not bad, as it would allow selecting also the colour when starting 
a construction.
Of course, this does not affect what I proposed ;)

> Also the number of annotation actions could possibly be reduced if one
> combines the note annotation (that's the first annotation type) and the
> stamp annotation. Here the user could choose between a few sensible
> note/stamp types like "Note", "Warning", "Hint", "Good", "Bad", "Smiley"
> or whatever - each with a different icon.

The note and the stamp annotations can not be combined, as they are different. 
(Eg, a text icon has always a fixed size, regardless of the zooming, while 
the size of a stamp changes indeed.)

> The straight line and polygon annotation could also be combined as the
> straight line is already a subset of a polygon. 

That's an idea too, though there should be a way to make the user able to 
construct a polyline (open) or a polygon (closed); you can construct a 
polygon by letting the user add point until he click on the first to close 
it, but in case of a polyline, you should tell "this is my last point" (and 
not close the path).

Pino Toscano
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