[Okular-devel] Rotation & object rects

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Oct 30 19:55:20 CET 2006

A Dissabte 28 Octubre 2006 16:01, Pino Toscano va escriure:
> Hi,
> recently we improved the rotation code, but there are some issues left with
> the object rects.
> First of all, we actually just delete them and let's wait for the generator
> to re-create them. Ok - you can say - let's just rotate them. That's easy,
> but there's another problem. Actually, the generators that provide object
> rects recreate and re-add them during _every_ pixmap generation.

Well, but the pixmap should not be generated because we did not delete it. So 
they are not going to be asked again and no objectrect will be created again, 

> That's 
> quite a pity for metadata that needs to be created only once...
> Ideally, they should just create and add them to the pages just after the
> document loading. After that, we just rotate them, and all is happy.
> But... as far I can see, the poppler generator can get the links just
> _after_ the first pixmap generation of the correspondentant page. 

That's just a limitation of the interface, but i still don't see why you want 
to create them before.

> This could be solved by using a flag ('alreadygenerated') or sort of.
> Do you have any other ideas about this?


> Regards,

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