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Hello Rudi,
I talked with several people from KDE at the Linuxtag-conference in
Karlsruhe, Germany. Ralf Nolden suggested that I should organize the
recording of the speeches. According to my lack of knowledge of the
technology, I need some experts to organize it.

Ralf also meant that streaming should be no problem because the university
has large bandwidth. Is this true?

And about the hard- and software:
I think we need a good microphone and something to record. The recording
machine could be a laptop with which a connection to the internet could be
provided. (Also we need a direct connection i.e. a cable to the main
computer.) What things could the university of nove hrady provide us? What
else do we need?

If streaming is not possible, some suggested we could record the speeches
and do them on the homepage. Also video is not necessary,  audio seems to be
What Software do we need to record it? And which format is sufficient? Wave?
MP3? Who has the software and who can handle the software?

Best wishes

PS: If I do not answer directly: I am not allways in my office, so my
answers will take some time (days).

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> Quoting Matthias Kalle Dalheimer <kalle at>:
> > Very good idea (not only for my talk). Maybe the university has the
> > equipment?
> > Of course, it would be Really Great if we could have a webcast
> of the whole
> > conference, but I am afraid we cannot pull this off.
> >
> > Kalle
> >
> The university has indeed the equipment. We have a digital camera with
> microphone, everything you need. We use this equipment for e-learning
> purposes, so we also have software (e-amos) to combine
> slides/text with sound
> and film.
> Greetings
>  Rudi
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