[Nepomuk] Nepomuk 4.11 Roadmap

Alex Fiestas afiestas at kde.org
Wed Feb 6 10:58:30 UTC 2013

Expanding a little bit more on the subject.

Mostly I have detected two issues or areas of improvement:

	We have this awesome technology that allows us to know which files have been 
modified and when, but we are not offering a specific interface for it that 
takes full advantage of it.
  We should leverage on Nepomuk to resolve once for all the "I remember that 
somebody sent me that file a week ago, but can't remember where it is" 

-Recently accessed:
	It uses too much space in the Places view.
	When "Month or Last Month" are clicked, we show more options to the user in 
form of folders that force the user to do a lot of cognitive thinking.
	We are offering 4 options (Today, Yesterday, This Month, Last Month),  so we 
force the user to make a choice.
	All points before are valid if we consider "Recently Accessed" something 
that should help the user to "not to think", which in theory is the point of 

If we agree on this (more or less), then we can proceed to see how we can 
improve this, maybe is an interface similar to what I pasted before (Plasma 
Active) or maybe it is not, but that is a problem for future emails :p

Cheers !

PS: Added Björn in CC

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