[Nepomuk] Indexing encrypted filesystems

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Wed Mar 21 11:14:29 UTC 2012

> This is going to be a little hard.

I know :/

It would be perfect if virtuoso/.../nepomuk was able to use separate
files for separate parts of database and for those to be pluggable at
runtime... which I don't expect will ever be possible :)

> Super hard. Would require changing a lot of stuff. Plus, you'll need to
> define what exactly you mean by 'less'.

So far, these (thing I noticed are indexed and related to the content
of the file):

> I suppose we could filter some of the stuff based on the url. You'll have to
> add the relevant code in kde-runtime/nepomuk/services/fileindexer/indexer/*

Hmh, a nice idea - so, I could list the 'lesser indexed' folders in
the nepomuk's config, and then make the indexer skip some parts.
Without nepomuk needing to know how to detect whether something is

> How can we do that? Encrypt the entire virtuoso repository?

No, that wouldn't have any effect - because it would need to be
(virtually) decrypted while nepomuk is running, and everything could
get the data. I don't care about this part at the moment. (aka,



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