[Nepomuk] Akonadi:Contactfeeder problem

Jörg Ehrichs Joerg.Ehrichs at gmx.de
Wed Nov 9 14:55:18 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

I've come across a small problem while integrating Akonadi/Nepomuk in
my program.

I have this scenario:
* I have a new contact (read from a bibtex file) and create a new
Akonadi item from it.
* I need to connect immediately a nepomuk resource for this Contact to
my publication ontology
* The Akonadi feeder adds its own content to the same nepomuk resource
later to allow edition of the contact via kaddressbook

Before 4.7.3 (or 4.7.2) I could create the item via the Akonad
ItemCreateJob and create a new Nepomuk::Resource and force its
resource URI to "akonadi:?item=1234"
this resource could be connected to my publication ontology and
Akonadi used exactly the same resource for its feeding operation.

Now in 4.7.3 if I create a Nepomuk:Resource via
Nepomuk::Resource(QString("akonadi:?item=1234")) or
Nepomuk::Resource(job->item().url())) (as explained in the
akonadicontactfeeder) a new resource with a random resource URI is
created that has a property of NIE:url linking to the real akonadi

That's somewhat bad, as this means I duplicate each Contact in the
Nepomuk storage and changes done via kaddressbook have no effect for
the resources used in my program.

Now the question. Is there a new bug in the Nepomuk::Resource part (I
guess it has todo with the recent QUrl discussion and its changes in
Qt 4.8) or is this a regression in the akonadifeeder and has to be
fixed there somehow?


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