[Nepomuk] sopranocmd export stdout

Ben Martin monkeyiq at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Mar 23 00:55:10 CET 2011

  I've been using sopranocmd to export an RDF database for archival
purposes. Unfortunately, you can get some rather large files using
export. Luckily, they compress really well too.

  I haven't been able to convince sopranocmd to export to stdout so I
can bzip2 compress its output without it hitting disk. Using "-" as the
file name creates a file called "-" and writes to it. And trying to be
trickier fails too, perhaps because the file is opened read/write?

$  sopranocmd --backend redland export /proc/self/fd/1
Could not open file for writing: /proc/self/fd/1

Thoughts || willingness to accept patches to make this work like above?

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