[Nepomuk] Re: Useage of DMS in akonadi-nepomuk-feeders dependency problem

Christian Mollekopf chrigi_1 at fastmail.fm
Mon Jun 27 14:44:18 CEST 2011

On Mon, 27 Jun 2011 09:37:07 +0200, Sebastian Trüg <trueg at kde.org> wrote:

> Bu DMS is already in 4.7. And the client API is not more than a fancy
> DBus wrapper. Thus, you could copy that to the feeder code until 4.9,  
> right?

Yes, but there is also serverside part of the dms right?
So you still need 4.7 installed, although there would at least be no code  
And since there is no dependency of kdepim-runtime on kde-runtime,
I don't know if this is acceptable.
If this is possible the problem would be resolved.


> Cheers,
> Sebastian
> On 06/27/2011 08:15 AM, Christian Mollekopf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think I have a dependency problem for the nepomuk feeder rewrite.
>> The new DatamanagementService (DMS) in nepomuk will be available in
>> kde-runtime from 4.7 on
>> and will move to kdelibs for 4.8 earliest.
>> According to volker kdepim traditionally relies on a 4.(x-1) release,
>> meaning that the ported feeders
>> could only be used from 4.9 on, which sucks to say the least =/
>> IMO it is not possible to use nepomuk and akonadi together from an
>> application in a sensible way (mindmirror in my case),
>> without the DMS, so I really hope we can find a solution for this issue.
>> I don't think we can just temporarily copy the code from kde-runtime, as
>> the dms is an actual
>> process run by nepomuk.
>> If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated =)
>> btw. the port is pretty much complete, but there are still some fixes in
>> nepomuk needed, so I can test.
>> Cheers,
>> Chris
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