[Nepomuk] Resource Browser - First update

Sebastian Trüg trueg at kde.org
Mon Dec 5 10:23:35 UTC 2011

sounds good. :)
Did you also look at nepoogle which is a python Nepomuk search tool.
Sadly it does create its own sparql queries instead of going through the
query api....

On 12/01/2011 07:58 PM, Phaneendra Hegde wrote:
> Hi,
> Last week I started a nepomuk based project called *resourcebrowser*.
> Here is an update.
> Resource browser as the name suggests is a browser using which you can
> browse nepomuk resources.The user is provided with a search bar, through
> which the resource browsing is carried out. The user can search for
> resources using either the name or content or type of the resource.(Just
> like dolphin's search bar, but searching is extended to all
> resources,not just files) .
> Along with it, the user is provided with recommendations related to the
> resources. The recommendations are currently being provided if the
> resource name is present in other file's content.  Iplan to extend it,
> such that the most frequently occurred keywords present in one file are
> matched with other files and recommendations are shown in the near
> future.I need to do some NLP during this keyword extraction so that I
> can stem the content and ignore all English articles(a,the,is etc). I'm
> also thinking about usage based recommendation (Ivan's contour does the
> same. May be I can use his code).
> There are filters provided on the left hand side of the browser, which
> can be used to fine tune the search results. (Just like dolphin's filter
> panel.But I have added Nepomuk::Utils::Facet::createPriorityFacetalong
> with other facets).Using this priority facet user can search for a movie
> in his computer that he has never watched.Or, he could use it to find
> out the unused files in his computer and delete them if needed.
> The user click tracking is done, so that the resource that is accessed
> the most pops out on top of the search
> results.(Nepomuk::Resource::usageCount() will be incremented every
> time). Since contour's recommendation engine tracks many more data , I
> should take a look at it. Since the usage analysis of the user is
> carried out, I can use it for filtering 'most important' from priority
> facet (which is doing nothing afaik).
> There are few extra features, one of which is where the user is provided
> with a GUI module to manually create a link between 2 resources. I have
> provided a list which shows all linked resources, which will be
> populated whenever the user selects any resource from main
> body.Unlinking can be done just by selecting unlink from context menu.
> Another feature is for the removal of duplicates of resources, again to
> save space.
> The ultimate aim of this project is to cut down the navigation time of
> reaching to any resource, similar to how a web search engine works. That
> is, the user gets the resource he wants immediately, preferably at the
> top of the search results.
> Future Enhancements:
>  1. Improved recommendation with respect to both content based and usage
>     based.
>  2. The user can search using natural language queries  eg. Play the
>     movie i saw last nigh
>     Or more complicated queries like, “ show me the C++ files I worked
>     on last night “
>  3. If combined with a voice service, it would turn out to more
>     practically useful with respect to the common man as he would want
>     to just talk to his computer to do his tasks for him. Yes, it is
>     something similar to siri of iphone.(Just thinking big , I know its
>     complexity).
> Finally, this project is yet to be named and I welcome your suggestions.
> I'm also open to any suggestions regarding this project,future
> enhancements etc.
> Thanks a lot :)
> resourcebrowser can be found in my scratch repo:
> git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/hegde/resourcebrowser.git
> <http://anongit.kde.org/scratch/hegde/resourcebrowser.git>
> -- 
> Regards
> - 
> Phaneendra Hegde
> IRC-Nick: pnh (#nepomuk-kde,#kde-in)

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