[Nepomuk] In need of input for a desktop search default behaviour

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed Mar 10 23:18:51 CET 2010

On March 10, 2010, Sebastian Trueg wrote:
> Currently the Nepomuk query API will add a wildcard '*' to each full
> text search term so terms like "Nepo" will also match "Nepomuk".

what are the implications of this?

e.g. if i'm looking for an email entitled "Re: [Nepomuk] In need of input for 
a desktop search default behaviour"

would typing "Nepomuk" match it still, or would it need to be "[Nepomuk]"? if 
i enter "need of" will it match? "need of in"?

for me, this really comes down to what kind of results it will return in real 
world usage.

i suppose at the Nepomuk layer itself not adding wildcards implicitly is fine, 
but this means that all of our UI components will need to be adjusted to match 
this new reality. in practice, i think that most of our UI elements will end 
up wild-carding search terms by default and adding a "match full words" type 
option otherwise. others, such as krunner, will just do it themselves 

this actually sounds rather error prone and a lot like a great way to achieve 
code duplication; would it be possible to add API somewhere to turn this 
feature on/off in a nepomuk query so that wildcarding / whole word matching 
isn't something the application needs to worry about beyond [de]activating 
implicit wildcarding?

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