[Nepomuk] Issues with non persistent filesystems/mounts and Nepomuk

Daniel Winter dw at danielwinter.de
Fri Jun 4 12:29:45 CEST 2010


Nepomuk is not able at all to work with NFS/CIFS (Samba) and other
mount types which are not always mounted.

I recently bought a NAS to use it on different computers/laptops. And
I believe I am by far not the only one with that or other setups using
NFS/CIFS (and others).

Sure it indexes nfs mounts without any problems. But as soon as I am
not at home with that laptop or for other reasons having not mounted
that filesystem it deletes everything again.  Makes it kinda useless.
Because the huge amount of data there it would be really usefulll to
have that i the index.

Nepomuk generaly handles non persistent filesystems when they are
reported by solid. (Though I believe that the transition from
nepomuk:// to filex:// uris will take forever when you use a big
external hdds (there are 2 TB devices these days) with lots of files.
Solid is about hardware an NFS or bind mount is not hardware, so I am
not sure if adding that to solid is the correct way to solve the

On a side note: There is also a general KDE issue with that. GTK/Gnome
file open/save dialogs also show NFS or other mounts in the "Places"
like view. KDE's equivalent only shows Solid FSs.

I am not sure what would be the best way to solve the issue.

I believe the nepomuk://  vs. filex://  concept (different handling
for file resources on local storage and removable storage and even
worse different handling for removable storage which is not there at
the moment) brings a lot of complexity on a lot of places:  meta data
moving, export handling, creating of custom queries, find the right
resources.  And for big storage devices I believe it takes hours on
unmounting to move nepomuk:// uris to filex uris.

Another problem with that is: Programs making references to those
nepomuk:// uris which they are from the beginning (like in the
recently used files,  or in playlists or in .desktop shortcuts) ,
those will broke upong transition to filex.

(Or Do I have  a complete wrong understanding of how that filex:// vs.
nepomuk:// thing works?)

I do not propose a solution or anything, because I do not really
understand the reasons for and how the current systems works.


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