[Nepomuk] Backup service. Was: Re: ontology related advice request

Ben Martin monkeyiq at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Oct 23 07:18:15 CEST 2009

On Wed, 2009-10-21 at 17:04 +0100, Laura Dragan wrote:
> I promised a while back that I would do a backup service
> (NepomukService) but I never got around to do it. There are a lot of
> things to consider, especially regarding the decision on what to
> backup .. We should discuss this at the workshop, maybe we can
> actually get it done :)

I've also been thinking it would be nice to make such a thing more
readily available. Currently I just sopranocmd export to a file which is
itself incrementally backed up by bacula. But having some sort of rdiff
like thing build into the backup process would make sense.

For redland, a scheduled repair and lzo db_dump -p of the db files seems
to work OK.

cd /where-the-redland-store-is
for if in *.db
  echo "Fixing: $if"
  db_dump -r $if >| dump
  rm -f $if
  db_load -f dump $if
  rm -f dump

# lzop expansion will be faster than importing...
for if in *.db; 
  db_dump -p $if | lzop > $BACKUPDIR/$if.dump.lzop; 

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