BogDan bog_dan_ro at
Wed Mar 14 10:08:32 UTC 2012

Hi Ray,

>T his discussion was happening on Qt Android list but this is a better
> place for it.

Sorry I did read that post :(

> Willy Gardiol asked:
>>  Meanwhile, how many people are actually coding for Necessitas apart from 
> BogoDan and few others? More should join i guess :) or i am just hoping :)
> Well there's (at a guess) about 6 people who do bits and pieces.
> BogDan will know the exact details.
> I just handle Mac and Windows builds and our own version of the ndk
> toolchains, I'd like to help out more on the Qt side but I'm basically
> a novice with Qt still, plus, I've fallen behind on ndk work anyway.

Lately I received some very useful patches, menu implementation, partial bluetooth, etc which I'm very grateful. 
Sadly we are ONLY two which are *committed* to this project: me and you (Ray) !

> Marco Bernasocchi asked:
>>  Same here... what are the aread that need most help?
> Check for the latest todo.

* Qt framework
 - most of ( maybe all ) tests and benchmarks must pass ! Is very useful to check any new patches.
 - finish style plugin (look&feel).
 - finish menus implementation, menu bar was pushed to alpha4 branch, it remains context menu.

 * QtMobility needs more love:
  - contacts must be rewritten, current implementation it crashes on my phone with 150+ contacts.
  - proper camera support.
  - multimedia must have a better implementation.
  - other things which I can't remember now, please check current open issues [1]

> On the build side of things, there's things like qbs
> ( to investigate
> - building Qt Android for 3 variants takes a long time, qbs should
> help, and/or using something like Suse OBS to handle Mac and Windows
> builds. I've been working on making good Mac cross compilers that run
> on Linux on and off this last while and they're very nearly ready, so
> investigating getting Qt to cross compile on Liux targeting Mac is on
> my list (cross compiling for MinGW is, AFAIK already possible). Having
> a continuous integration system that automatically builds packages
> when certain git repo branches are pushed to would be ideal. I think.
> There's also tasks like updating to the latest Qt Creator, we've
> fallen behind there a good bit.

 I manage to update QtCreator, it seems to work ok, I'll push today latest work on 2.5 branch !

> BogDan will know what the latest is with the Qt Android stuff.
> Cheers,
> Ray.



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