[MassifVisualizer] Massif Visualizer v0.2 released with Mac Support, KGraphViewer now optional

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Fri Nov 5 22:58:22 CET 2010

Hey all,

I'm happy to release Massif Visualizer v0.2. This is mainly a "fix the build-
system" release, no new features have been added.

You can download it here:

# Mac Support

But thanks to the reports by Chris Jones it's now possible to build and use 
Massif Visualizer on Max OS X, see e.g.:


# KGraphViewer now optional

I've also made the KGraphViewer dependency optional, if anyone does not want 
it (even though this removes like 50% of the tools features).

# KDE Infrastructure

I've also prepared the steps for moving Massif-Visualizer into KDE Extragear 
and will announce the review shortly. I already use the KDE infrastructure 


git clone git://git.kde.org/massif-visualizer

Bug tracker:

Mailing List:
massif-visualizer at kde.org

This also means that I'll shortly get translations by the awesome KDE-i18n-
Team, so stay tuned for a 0.3 including translations!

As always, more users are welcome :)

# Changelog

ChangeLog for massif-visualizer v0.2

* Milian Wolff: set version to 0.2
* Milian Wolff: fix conditional
* Milian Wolff: make kgraphviewer dependency optional
* Milian Wolff: fix FindKGraphViewer.cmake
* Milian Wolff: fix .po name
* Milian Wolff: remove some esoteric cli option for XGETTEXT that does not make 
any sense according to Albert
* Milian Wolff: fix: install libs to make sure they can get loaded on OSX e.g.
* Milian Wolff: fix compile warning about init order, improve style by having 
just one init per line
* Milian Wolff: add export macros everywhere, make visualizer helper use the 
Massif namespace as well
* Milian Wolff: add Messages.sh
Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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