[Marble] Building Marble Qt Plugin on OS X - Plugins default to .so files rather than .dylib

amit 802597364 at btconnect.com
Tue Aug 16 16:13:28 UTC 2011


I have compiled marble on Mac OS X using the 1.1.1 stable version.  My 
installation also has a Qt SDK with Creator at 2.0.1 and Qt @ 4.7.0

I used the cmake instructions of having a parallel build directory and I 
switched QtOnly=on and With_Designer_Plugin=on using the -D switches suggested 
on Techbase.

I carried out a make and make install (later as root).  The only errors I got 
were at config stage where it was clear that a gps related lib was not found 
so build was automatically constrained to avoid that.  All other steps 
appeared successful - i.e. no errors reported from cmake.

When I look at what has been installed, I see a load of stuff in 
/usr/local/Marble.app.  Then I get:


followed by more stuff (.so and .png) in /usr/local/Marble.app

If I look at Qt Creator/deisgner and try and locate marble widget plugins I 
cannot see them.  Checks with finder show that things I can see all have 
.dylib extentsions, for example libqwebview.dylib is visible as a Qt plugin in 
designer.  But MarbleWidgetPlugin is visible as .so via finder but does not 
show up in designer.

I can see libmarblewidget.dylib and alias' referring to dlyb version 0.11.0 
but nothing relating to the plugin I want to use in Qt.

It looks as though the build script is producing .so libraries (ELF?) rather 
than the Mach-O dylibs (hope I've got that right).  Am I doing anything wrong 
in the build? Is there a cmake switch I can use to alter my configuration? 

Any pointers much appreciated as I stuck on first base with Mac versions of my 


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