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Hello Peter,
yes you can publish your self-created maps done via Marble as part of your 
The historical maps that Marble ships are in the public domain, so there 
are no further requirements for those.
The same applies for all other maps except for those which render streets: 
those are based on OpenStreetMap and require attribution according to the 
ODbL (however this doesn't seem to be the case for your project).
Of course we'd be happy if you mentioned Marble somewhere but it's not 
legally required.
Does that answer your question? :-)
Best Regards,
Betreff: Question about Marble software
Datum: 2018-09-19T11:01:06+0200
Von: "Piotr Starzeba" <starzeba at>
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I have a question. I have a Marble 0.8.0. 
If I will make my own map (art work) base on your software, may I sell it 
as my "art work". For example. I would like to write a book and put few 
historical map which I will create base on your software. My I sell my book 
with maps, which I created using your software?
Does your licence allow me to sell my product based on your software? How 
does it work?

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