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Google Play Developer updates

Hello Google Play Developer,

We're continually striving to make Google Play a positive experience for  
both our developers and our users. For this reason, we've introduced the  
following changes to the Developer Distribution Agreement (DDA):

Merchant of Record - We've updated the terms to describe that, as  
Developer's agent, Google is merchant of record for sales to users in the  
European Economic Area (EEA) (Section 3.3).

Sales Taxes - We've changed the terms to describe that Google will  
determine and remit taxes for sales in the EEA. Google may also determine  
and remit taxes for sales in other countries or territories, with notice to  
Developer (Section 3.4).

Promotions - We've added a provision permitting Google to run promotional  
activities within certain parameters, such as there being no impact on  
amounts payable to developers (Section 7).

Data Usage - We've clarified that data collected or used will be in  
accordance with Google's privacy policy and that data can be used in the  
aggregate to improve Google Play, related products and services, and the  
user and Developer experience across Google products and services (Section  

General Changes - We've improved wording and organization throughout for  
clarity and readability (eg updating language related to enforcement,  
Google LLC status, and refunds). We've also reflected these updated terms  
in the terms and conditions for your Payment Account.

These changes will go into effect starting March 28, 2018 for existing  
developers, and immediately for all new developer accounts created as of  
February 26, 2018. No action is required on your part.


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