[Marble-devel] Welcome, Marble GSoC class of 2015 ;-)

Dennis Nienhüser earthwings at gentoo.org
Sun May 24 18:29:17 UTC 2015

Hi there,

Google Summer of Code 2015 has begun some weeks ago. You probably 
already heard that we have three students who will work on Marble 
related projects this summer:
- David will work to "Improve Marble's OSM vector rendering and printing 
- Gábor is going to work on "Porting Marble to Android platform"
- Marius will be "Offering OpenStreetMap support and improving Edit Mode 
for Marble"

Usually we don't use the mailing list too much for GSoC related things, 
but I'd still like to welcome them here: David, Gábor, Marius, welcome 
around, enjoy your stay and happy coding! :-)
You can expect introductory blog posts from them (which will appear on 
planetkde.org) within the next weeks at latest. Most communication is 
going to happen in #marble in Freenode IRC, so please step by there if 
you're interesting in details or the progress of the projects.

The hot phase of GSoC will begin tomorrow already which marks the start 
of the coding period. Mid-term is in late June and the projects will run 
until mid of August. Given the good experience from the last years code 
will be reviewed and then committed directly to master (i.e. there are 
no special gsoc branches). We might introduce a temporary branch (e.g. 
kitchen) though in case the development conflicts with 
Applications/15.08 stabilization plans.


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