[Marble-devel] Going forward with KDE Frameworks 5

Dennis Nienhüser earthwings at gentoo.org
Sun May 24 18:05:29 UTC 2015

Hi there,

with KDE Frameworks 5 out in the wild for quite some time now would be a 
good time to switch our KDE application from KDE 4 to Frameworks 5. 
There is a branch kde-frameworks-5 already which has most of the porting 
implemented. Quoting it's main commit from August 2014, which still 
matches its current state:

     Port KDE Marble to Frameworks 5

     Affects apps/marble-kde, bindings (not tested), doc, plasmarunner,
     plasmoid (deactivated as ktimezonewidget is now gone), thumbcreator.

     Also cleans up cmake files: The QTONLY options is gone completely.
     KDE parts are only included where necessary, most notably not in
     src/lib. Since users might still pass it, QTONLY=TRUE is forwarded
     to WITH_KF5=FALSE which matches the old behavior most closely. The 
     behavior is better by default however, not erroring out if KF5 is
     missing, but instead just building Qt parts only.
     Additionally the QT5BUILD option is sanitized to behave as 
     planned: You don't have to pass it anymore when both Qt4 and Qt5 are
     installed, but cmake figures out which of the two to use and the 
     one is disabled (does not intefere anymore).

     Compiles without warnings (aside automoc) and without kde4support
     libraries. I'm pretty sure however that I broke some parts at 
     for now, e.g. config saving and installation/loading of some parts.
     I18n is not tested as well. Needs to be taken care of in subsequent

The branch is uptodate with current master, but history tells that it 
does not receive much love as a separate branch. Given that we have 
about two months left before the next feature freeze 
(Applications/15.08), I'd suggest to merge it to master now and fix any 
remaining issues there. Please bring up any concerns with that here 
within the next days, otherwise I'll go ahead.


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