[Marble-devel] Practice of feature additions in Marble

bbeschow at cs.tu-berlin.de bbeschow at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri Jan 11 10:58:45 UTC 2013

Hi co-devs,

I still like my N900, partly because it's my only mobile Qt-based device
where tracking works like I'd like it to work. It's also the only device
where I can seriously test OpenGL ES in Marble (testing on Harmattan is
currently not possible due to the usage of QGraphicsProxyWidget). So, in
order to move forward with OpenGL in Marble, I *need* the Maemo port of
Marble to compile and run successfully. Moreover, if Dennis wants to put
off his release manager hat for the Maemo port, I've volunteered to take
over that role.

As you can see, I'm still interested in having a working version of Marble
for Maemo. Unfortunately, recent commits made that version unsuable for me
several times in several ways: build failures, crashes, GUI issues. As a
result, I'm busy fixing issues rather than being able to make progress
with my own features, which is very, very frustrating for me.

I'm not the kind of nay-sayers who always complain about changes. In fact,
I like the direction of the changes that were recently made, e.g. the new
navigation float item. I'm more worried about the immaturity of the
patches that landed in master and I that no testing on mobile platforms
seems to have been done. It seems to me that our review process has failed

So I wonder how we could improve the review process. Personally, I feel
that reviewboard is good for commenting on patches, but is inconvenient
for applying and compling them. I actually liked the approach with the
dockwidgets branch, but I wonder how much review has happened here. Any
thoughts on this? Any ideas in general?


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