[Marble-devel] Using Marble library with Qt Embedded

Jeremie Scheer jeremie.scheer at armadeus.com
Thu May 31 10:09:29 UTC 2012


I've identified what caused the segfault on ARM : it was crashing during 
the initialization of the QStringList in Planet.cpp - planetList().

I don't know why but the following code l.364 made the app crash, but 
only on embedded ARM system:

    planets << "mercury"
    << "venus"
    << "earth"
    << "mars"
    << "jupiter"
    << "saturn"
    << "uranus"
    << "neptune"
    << "pluto"
    << "sun"
    << "moon"
    << "sky";

So I replaced it by :

    QString planetsStringList =
         planets = planetsStringList.split(",");

Now MarbleWidget is correctly instanciated but my app crashes on another 
*Segmentation fault* after the instruction mapWidget->show();, only on ARM.

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On 05/30/2012 10:50 AM, Jeremie Scheer wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> I tried to compile Marble with the latest master where you have 
> commited the fix for static QSettings and I tested it with my 
> application.
> The good news is that it doesn't crash anymore on a QMutex deadlock on 
> QVFB or ARM platforms. And without the little trick I'd done in Qt to 
> fix it (I commented a QMutex lock).
> For the Segmentation Fault crash, I've no more bitmaps loading 
> warnings with your commit but it still crashes on my ARM embedded system.
> The crash happens just when the MarbleWidget object is initialized as 
> it tries to get profiles for the MarbleWidgetPrivate object 
> (MarbleWidget.cpp : l.95).
> Regards,
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