[Marble-devel] Review Request: New reference system: changes in GeoDataCoordinates_p.h

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Fri May 25 15:24:04 UTC 2012

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Review request for Marble.

Summary (updated)

New reference system: changes in GeoDataCoordinates_p.h

Description (updated)

Three new attributes:
- type: The type of the reference system to use. By default the value of the type is zero, this means that the reference system used is the typical reference system used for Marble.
- m_clock: The marble clock to get the current time and to calculate the delta time.
- m_initialTime: The initial time when the coordinate was created.


  src/lib/geodata/data/GeoDataCoordinates_p.h 14c5164 

Diff: http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/105045/diff/



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