[Marble-devel] Drawing a box on the map

Kyle Shannon ksshannon at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 20:42:47 UTC 2012

I was wondering if it is possible to have the user draw a box on the map in

1) User clicks a point.
2) User drags the mouse to another point.

The two points define a rectangle.  I would like the drawing to be updated
as well as the user drags the mouse.  I checked the tutorials, and the
GeoPainter examples are all pretty static.  My question is where do I
start?  Do I need to look into Qt api stuff or somewhere in the marble api.
 I thought I found somenting in the digikam source, but it didn't seem like
what I was looking for.  I am using the QTONLY build.


 * Kyle Shannon
 * ksshannon at gmail.com
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