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Mon Jun 27 01:00:52 CEST 2011

for Nokia N900, since it looks like it is optimized for touchscreen and low
power devices. Probably the UI would only have to be resized for a biger
screen resolution and maybe change a few details, which I could probably do
by myself. I programmed a lot in Qt for embedded Linux 2 years ago and I try
to keep up with the development of Qt.

What do you think can be done to create a "WeTab" Marble version?

Djuro Drljaca

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Hello,<br><br>I would like to know what are the possibilities to run Marble=
 on WeTab. Marble is already available for WeTab on the WeTab package repos=
itory, but it is the desktop version and it doesn&#39;t work well with a to=
<br>I would like to use Marble on WeTab for offline navigation. from what I=
 have read there is a possibility to download maps which can then be used i=
n offline mode, but I don&#39;t remember if offline routing is supported.<b=
<br>I would use Marble mostly for (offline) walking navigation (it&#39;s to=
o big for driving navigation :) and I own a car navigation device).<br><br>=

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