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Thomas Krueger tkrueger73 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 06:49:08 UTC 2011

Hello Anders,

thank you for you work in the weekend.
I change the access to the weather tiles of openportguide.org (not
openharbourguide.org) in the following way to make access easier:
Instead of blocking everybody and giving access to some
servers/applications, now everybody has access and if there is a mayor
misuse of the tiles I will block only these servers/apps. Anyway I
have not explanation for the 202/203 errors we got in the last days.


2011/12/4, Anders Lund <anders at alweb.dk>:
> Hello list,
> Marble is a crossplatform virtual desktop globe working in linux/*nix,
> windows, mac osx. Find more information about Marble here:
> http://edu.kde.org/marble.
> For some time, I have been working on making openseamap available in marble,
> and it is now in a state where it is getting quite usable.
> There is a screenshot of marble with the openseamap theme here:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/anderslund/6453787677/in/photostream
> I have made the marble map theme available for testing here:
> http://owncloud.alweb.dk/apps/files_sharing/get.php?token=8b33757a2d6cc472c86d5f41f0509bdc10c44815
> To use the archive, unpack it in marbles data directory, where the earth
> maps
> are kept. In linux, that would be "~/.local/share/marble/maps/earth/".
> If you have a recent version of marble installed, take a look and let me
> know
> if you have comments!
> State of the theme:
> * OpenSeaMap tiles are displayed.
> * Sports layer is displayed, and can be turned off 8)
> * There is an "preview" icon with the openseamap logo in it.
> * A description taken from the openseamap FAQ, + a text from the openseamap
> "legal" page warning about using it as a full navigation solution.
> * I have created a legend using openseamap graphics. The legend is covering
> common seamarks and features, but I see in netherlands lots of buoys that
> are
> unfamilliar to me. Should they be in the legend, and if so, what are they?
> * I have not been able to make the seabed ("marine profile") tiles display,
> due to projection problems, so that is currently disabled.
> Other features have to be implemented as plugins for marble:
> * harbour guides. Plugins are needed to get harbours for the current view,
> and/or a weblink implementation in marble, facilitating the weblink kml
> files
> provided by skipperguide for example. Another source is
> openharbourguide.org,
> but I have not looked into that yet (as in how to implement).
> * Tidal scales. I have not been looking into that yet. But likely, this
> needs
> to be implemented as a plugin in marble.
> * Meterological data: A plugin for the GRIB data view provided by
> openharbourguide.org, and a plugin for displaying a metorogram (also by
> openharbourguide.org) for any point.
> * Arbitrary route creation is being worked on in marble, and will of course
> be
> available for usage with openseamap.
> I think marble may need a finer grained grid for this purpose, but that
> could
> be useful for other outdoors functions as well.
> Oh, and at some point marble needs to learn to measure in nautical miles ;)
> Thanks to helpful people at openharbourguide, openseamap and marble teams so
> far.
> Anders
> P.S. I am following the discussion about the major and minor lights, and
> will
> adjust the legend when a descision is made.
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