[Marble-devel] OpenSeaMap in marble - go for a test

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sun Dec 4 22:41:46 UTC 2011

Hello list,

Marble is a crossplatform virtual desktop globe working in linux/*nix, 
windows, mac osx. Find more information about Marble here: 

For some time, I have been working on making openseamap available in marble, 
and it is now in a state where it is getting quite usable.

There is a screenshot of marble with the openseamap theme here: 

I have made the marble map theme available for testing here:

To use the archive, unpack it in marbles data directory, where the earth maps 
are kept. In linux, that would be "~/.local/share/marble/maps/earth/".

If you have a recent version of marble installed, take a look and let me know 
if you have comments!

State of the theme:

* OpenSeaMap tiles are displayed.

* Sports layer is displayed, and can be turned off 8)

* There is an "preview" icon with the openseamap logo in it.

* A description taken from the openseamap FAQ, + a text from the openseamap 
"legal" page warning about using it as a full navigation solution.

* I have created a legend using openseamap graphics. The legend is covering 
common seamarks and features, but I see in netherlands lots of buoys that are 
unfamilliar to me. Should they be in the legend, and if so, what are they?

* I have not been able to make the seabed ("marine profile") tiles display, 
due to projection problems, so that is currently disabled.

Other features have to be implemented as plugins for marble:
* harbour guides. Plugins are needed to get harbours for the current view, 
and/or a weblink implementation in marble, facilitating the weblink kml files 
provided by skipperguide for example. Another source is openharbourguide.org, 
but I have not looked into that yet (as in how to implement).

* Tidal scales. I have not been looking into that yet. But likely, this needs 
to be implemented as a plugin in marble.

* Meterological data: A plugin for the GRIB data view provided by 
openharbourguide.org, and a plugin for displaying a metorogram (also by 
openharbourguide.org) for any point.

* Arbitrary route creation is being worked on in marble, and will of course be 
available for usage with openseamap.

I think marble may need a finer grained grid for this purpose, but that could 
be useful for other outdoors functions as well.

Oh, and at some point marble needs to learn to measure in nautical miles ;)

Thanks to helpful people at openharbourguide, openseamap and marble teams so 


P.S. I am following the discussion about the major and minor lights, and will 
adjust the legend when a descision is made.

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