[Marble-devel] Earthquake plugin.

Torsten Rahn rahn at kde.org
Sun Jan 24 15:54:55 CET 2010

Hi Vladimir,

Without having looked too much into this: I guess you have:

#include "EarthquakeModel.moc"

appended correctly at the very bottom of EarthquakeModel.cpp? 
(Actually it should complain about undefined references if you wouldn't, so it's 
probably not the reason for the error)

Is the Marble namespace properly set?

I guess it would be better if you would create a patch and share it with us so 
that it's easier to see what's going on. If it's possible for you to join us on 
IRC we can maybe even help you more quickly and more interactively on this issue 

Best Regards,


On Freitag 22 Januar 2010 19:55:24 v_2e at ukr.net wrote:
>   Hello!
>   I have made a first attempt to write an "Earthaquake" plugin for
> Marble and here is my problem:
>   I have copy-past'ed an existing files from "Photo" plugin and
> adapted them for my needs. Also I have written my own webpage parser.
> Now I'm trying to compile all this and I cannot.
>   This is the error I get:
> ******* BEGIN QUOTE *******
> In file included
> from
> /home/user/marble/src/plugins/render/earthquake/EarthquakeModel.cpp:73:
> /home/user/marble-build/src/plugins/render/earthquake/EarthquakeModel.moc:
> In member function 'virtual void Marble::EarthquakeModel::parseFile
> (constQByteArray&)':
> /home/user/marble-build/src/plugins/render/earthquake/EarthquakeModel.moc:4
> 0: error: invalid use of
> qualified-name'Marble::EarthquakeModel::staticMetaObject'
> ******** END QUOTE *********
>   I've stuck at this point and cannot get any further. Unfortunately, I
> cannot find a solution by myself. (I don't know Qt well enough yet;
> I've told it already - remember?  - this is a prove :) ).
>   Thanks in advance for any help.
>   Vladimir.
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>  <v_2e at ukr.net>
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