[Marble-devel] Earthquake plugin.

v_2e at ukr.net v_2e at ukr.net
Fri Jan 22 19:55:24 CET 2010

  I have made a first attempt to write an "Earthaquake" plugin for
Marble and here is my problem:
  I have copy-past'ed an existing files from "Photo" plugin and
adapted them for my needs. Also I have written my own webpage parser.
Now I'm trying to compile all this and I cannot. 
  This is the error I get:
******* BEGIN QUOTE *******
In file included
from /home/user/marble/src/plugins/render/earthquake/EarthquakeModel.cpp:73:
In member function 'virtual void Marble::EarthquakeModel::parseFile
error: invalid use of
******** END QUOTE *********
  I've stuck at this point and cannot get any further. Unfortunately, I
cannot find a solution by myself. (I don't know Qt well enough yet;
I've told it already - remember?  - this is a prove :) ).

  Thanks in advance for any help.
 <v_2e at ukr.net>

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