[Marble-devel] Regarding addition of bookmark tag

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Tue Mar 31 20:32:41 CEST 2009


On Tue, 31 Mar 2009, gaurav gupta wrote:

> Hello folks,
> I am planning to implement BookMark functionality in the marble. Initially
> it was suggested to save it as a placemark and when visibility is false it
> will work as Bookmark.
> But my view about this is there is no reason to use placemark as a bookmark,
> because both two are separate things and it will decrease understandability
> of modules.
> So what I am planning is something like :
> 1. Implement LookAt tag
> <LookAT>
> <longitude></longitude>
> <latitude></latitude>
> <altitude></altitude>
> </LookAt>
> with GeoDataLookAt class.
> 2. Implement BookMark tag
> <BookMark>
> <name></name>
> <description></description>
> <LookAt></LookAt>
> </BookMark>
> with GeoDataBookMark class to hold data.

Most certainly I don't understand enough about marble's
architecture which is need to support bookmarks, but still
let me ask why using a plain kml file to store
bookmark files of a user does not seem suitable?
Using a kml file would for example allow to include
googleearths's bookmark file myplaces.kml as networklink.
Once the corresponding kml elements
(like <Folder>, <ListStyle>, <listItemType>, <PlaceMark> with
<LookAt>,... ) are supported, "only" a bookmark manager
to add/edit such a bookmark file would be needed.

Just my 2cents, best


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