[Marble-devel] [Need Help] New Project Idea

Torsten Rahn rahn at kde.org
Tue Mar 17 21:37:41 CET 2009

Hi & Welcome!

On Tuesday 17 March 2009 17:37:17 gaurav gupta wrote:
> I am new to open source development and marble and going through Qt. I have
> a project idea in my mind, but don,t have any idea how to start with it. So
> I want help of you people. Basically I want to add some more features in
> marble

That's a good idea :-)
Have you looked at:



> 1. One can zoom in and zoom out to a particular location and can tag that
> location.

So you basically want to be able to create a new placemark.

For that to happen it would be nice if there was a toolbar button that the 
user could press. Afterwards he'd set the placemark and (maybe on right click 
onto the placemark) he would get a dialog where he could add all kinds of 
multimedia content.

Our internal data structure is modelled after KML:


Just have a look at the directory 


In there you'll find lots of classes prefixed with "GeoData" which resemble the 
KML data structure -- e.g. GeoDataPlacemark which would be the class you'd 
need to store the placemark and maybe some pointers to the MetaData.

So the foundation for this is there already. We just need your patch ;-)

What needs to be  implemented in addition is the ability to add new placemarks 
to Marble's model (and save them). Patrick (on IRC "SaroEngels") can maybe 
help you to get started.




> 2. One can attach a txt, audio, video files related to that location like
> past terrorist activities, wanted people, security information etc.

> 3. If someone is looking through the marble application than wherever some
> information is attached there a specific mark should appear and
> authenticated people can view and update them.
> 4. Some more features can be there like searching by attached information,
> or time of attatchment etc.
> Benefits :
>    1. In real world all database is maintained in files as hard copies,
>    causes overhead  of searching, data loss etc. which will be avoided.
>    2. It will give graphical thinking to the defense people.
>    3. It will be highly useful for defense people to keep track of all past
>    activities done at specific location on specific time.
> This was all about my thought process which i developed after attending the
> workshop of Qt held at our campus. Now I have built Qt on my machine and
> trying some interesting stuff and running demos and examples. From where I
> can get complete documentation of marble to start reading the code.
> Now I want to know that is all above things are possible and how should I
> proceed. Please give your valuable ideas and how should I reach my goal.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Gaurav Gupta

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