[Marble-devel] Connecting a LatLongEdit to be updated by a MarbleWidget?

Ben Martin monkeyiq at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Dec 14 19:25:26 CET 2009

  I have a dialog with two LatLongEdit widgets and a MarbleWidget. I
have the signals coming from the LatLongEdit set to move the
MarbleWidget as the latitude and logitude Edit widgets are modified.

  I'd like to do the opposite too -- when the user drags the
MarbleWidget for the two LatLongEdit boxes to be updated in real time.
It seems I'm missing the right signals to hook up to in order to make
this happen. It would seem to be a common scenario, so I think I'm
missing something. 

  Is subclassing MarbleWidgetDefaultInputHandler and changing the
LatLongEdit widgets the recommended way? Any pointers in the right
direction would be greatly appreciated.

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