[Marble-devel] PATCH : fix for some Krazy issues : includes

Bruno Bigras bruno at burnbox.net
Thu Apr 2 01:38:40 CEST 2009

Torsten Rahn a écrit :
> And the attempt to standardize the include guards is also very much 
> appreciated :-)

It wasn't intentional :), they were spotted by Krazy as "missing or 
improper include guard in header".

> I just wonder whether having a double-underscore to "indicate" 
> the Camel Case split __ shouldn't rather be a single-underscore ... (easier to 
> spot).

I committed the patch (r947997) with singles underscore instead, it's 
more like the sample at : 

> Maybe we should take the coding style also into the Wiki:
> http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Marble

Is there a KDE's coding style policy? I only saw one for Kdelibs and 
CMake on TechBase.

>> Some _p.h files contain the same code twice, is it normal?
> No, that is definetely not normal. I guess it was introduced by Patrick's 
> latest "forceful" commit.
> So this should definitely be fixed! :-)

Fixed in r947921

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