List of functions in Python script being edited in Kate?

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Mon Jul 12 19:14:51 BST 2021


Yes, there are multiple ways to do that. In settings - plugins, enable
"Symbol Viewer".

I am not sure if supports python, but if it does you will have symbols
listed in a tool view.

However, The best way to do this is via "LSP plugin". Set up a python
language server, and it will provide you with intelligent auto completion,
go to definition and other IDE like features.

A third way to do it is via our CTags plugin.

On Mon, Jul 12, 2021, 9:54 PM SecretCode <secretcode343 at> wrote:

> Hi, first post to the list!
> One thing I'd really like to improve my use of Kate as a Python code
> editor is the ability to list all the functions and/or classes in the
> current script / module, for example in a tool view panel. As most IDE
> editors provide!
> I'm sure this capability must exist but I have not been able to find it
> ... is there such a thing? Possibly as a plugin?
> Thanks - Joe
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