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gregor.mi.sw codestruct at posteo.org
Tue Jan 5 19:14:44 GMT 2021

Dear Libor,

great to hear. I you are on reddit - I am not - then please go ahead and share this good news. :-)

Yes, an official post about this feature is a good idea.


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Subject: 	Re: Kate - diff - external tools - Kompare
Date: 	Tue, 5 Jan 2021 17:51:26 +0100
From: 	Libor <libor.brno at gmail.com>
To: 	gregor.mi.sw <codestruct at posteo.org>

Hello Grefor,

thank you very much, this works beautifully! How that I couldn't find it in documentation and that I 
saw number of desperate forum/reddit threads without solution? I think the team should advertise 
this feature more, this works really great and many users are not aware of it :-).

Thanks once again for the advice!


pá 25. 12. 2020 v 19:32 odesílatel gregor.mi.sw <codestruct at posteo.org 
<mailto:codestruct at posteo.org>> napsal:

     Hello Libor,

     you can right-click on a non-active tab to compare it with the active tab. There you can choose
     between three different diff tools.


     On 23.12.20 13:19, Libor wrote:
      > Hello KATE Team!
      > I referenced Kate to several IT people and/or programmers in my surrounding looking for a
      > cross-platform alternative to Notepad++, but the fact that it lacks a diff tool is a huge
     stop sign
      > for most people straight-away.
      > The solution might be easy: If you include in "external-tools-plugin" another parameter
      > "%{Document:NativeFilePath*2*}" for a /second/ file (if in split mode, then visible file in
     the next
      > panel, in all cases it would be easy to populate the next file from the list of opened
     files), then
      > configuring this plugin to startup Kompare (/usr/bin/kompare
      > -c %{Document:NativeFilePath} %{Document:NativeFilePath2}" in Linux) would be easy.
      > As it stands now (AFAIK), Kompare can be configured only to start "empty" (which would fill
     the last
      > two compared files) and that is quite unimpressive and useless (as starting it via launcher
     is even
      > faster then via Kate menu). You can't even supply two same files, because Kompare would complain
      > they're identical and revert to last used files.
      > Libor

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