Discussion (before filing a bug): incorrect behavior when handling long wrapped lines

rhkramer at gmail.com rhkramer at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 12:10:13 BST 2020


   1.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no kwrite-user list, so I'm 
writing here, which I think would be more appropriate anyway.
   2.  I don't use the lastest versions of kate, instead I use the latest 
versions in Debian Wheezy (most used), Jessie, and Buster.  If after this 
"discussion" it makes any sense, I may try to install the latest version of 
   3.  I don't know how best to write this:  Programmers tend not to think in 
terms of paragraphs, but writers do.  For programmers, a line is something 
that typically does not exceed 80 characters and ends with some kind of line 
ending characters.  For a writer, a paragraph is / can be much longer than 80 
characters (I mean like 2 to quite a few times 80 characters, eventually 
ending with some kind of line ending characters.  On the screen, and when 
printing, those long lines wrap to look like a paragraph.

Problem: There are problems with the scrolling behavior when I'm typing such a 
paragraph near the bottom of the kate window (in the midst of a long file, 
which is where I do most of my typing, as opposed to at the end of the file).

In general, instead of scrolling "properly" to keep my typing in view, 
scrolling (in general) does either of two things:  

   * it doesn't scroll as I continue to type text (in wrapped lines) so I 
can't see what I'm typing, or 

   * under some (slightly) different circumstances (but again, typing in long 
lines / paragraphs), the window does scroll (or jump) so that only the first 
line of that paragraph is visible (and, again, I can't see what I'm typing).

In most cases there is a workaround, I manually scroll the paragraph so it is 
not at the bottom of the screen.  (This doesn't work in the ridiculous 
degenerate case where a paragraph fills the entire screen -- I had to try that 
just to see what would happen -- I have to break the long paragraph into parts 
smaller than the window (which is the right thing to do anyway ;-)

My intent:

Before thinking about filing any bugs, I wanted to ask:

   * does anyone know if this behavior has been fixed in a version later than 
18.08.0 (the version in Debian Buster)

   * if this has not been fixed, are there any kate / kwrite developers that 
would be interested in fixing this

Thank you!

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