Kate syntax highlighter for new language

Nibaldo González nibgonz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 19:57:56 GMT 2020


In the syntax-highligting repository there is a script to verify the
highlighting .xml files
The file you attach has an error on line 37 (it doesn't close the item
tag), so it doesn't work.

Also, regarding keyword lists:
* Keywords shouldn't include spaces before and after, that is, change "*<item>
keyword </item>*" to "*<item>keyword</item>*".
* Keywords shouldn't include boundary characters, as they will not be
  For example:

*      <list name="keywords">*
*        <item>+d</item>*
*      </list>*

  The keyword "+d" will not work, because you need to remove "+" from the
delimiter characters:

*      <general>*
*         <keywords weakDeliminator="+" />*
*      </general>*

  Also, instead of modifying the delimiter characters, you can use
WordDetect rules for some keywords.


El mié., 1 de ene. de 2020 a la(s) 17:28, Stefan Pietzonke (
spietzonke at gmail.com) escribió:

> Hello,
> I have tried to write a new syntax highlighter for my language brackets,
> which I use on my L1VM virtual machine. (https://midnight-koder.net/blog/)
> I did change the Ada highlighter to fit as a starting point. If I try to
> load a .l1com file It displays the code colored for just a fraction of a
> second.
> And then all source code is shown as not marked with the default text
> color! What is wrong here? I just copied "l1com.xml" to
> "/usr/share/katepart5/syntax".
> Is there something not right in my syntax highlighter file?
> I attached a .l1com program and my highlighter.
> cheers
> Stefan Pietzonke

Nibaldo González
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