D27180: Add sortable columns to session manager dialog, and remove previous sorting code

Raphael Rosch noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Feb 6 23:12:51 GMT 2020

rrosch added a comment.

  I agree that sorting needs to be improved, however I don't have the skills right now (or time) to implement them.
  Ideally the number of open files should sort numerically, and the last opened should sort via timestamp, to allow for locale-based display. But both of these require the same intrinsic change that I don't know how to do yet (the class is chosen by the .ui file, and a new overloaded class with the proper sorting functions would need to be implemented). But with this first set of changes in this patch we can get something out there for people to use now. Someone else might come later to do that, just as I did for this part.
  Thanks again for taking a look, I hope it gets accepted, I love kate as a text editor, so much to love about it!

  R40 Kate


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