D27180: Add sortable columns to session manager dialog, and remove previous sorting code

Dominik Haumann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Feb 6 23:01:42 GMT 2020

dhaumann added a comment.

  I'd be fine with committing this. Still, there very clearly is large room to improve this further.


> katesessionchooseritem.h:38
>          setText(1, docs);
> +        setText(2, s->timestamp().toString(QString::fromStdString("yyyy-MM-dd  hh:mm:ss")));
>      }

I believe that seconds are a bit over engineered. In fact, it would be nice to do the sorting based on the timestamp as now, but visually the English format does not fit very well in other languages. So this should be translated via i18n. But then we loose the correct sorting.

So for now this patch is ok, but in the long run we should do better.

For instance, I think it would be much more user friendly to have "Yesterday", "3 days ago", ... instead of the datetime right now.

Would you be interested to look into this as well?

  R40 Kate


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