Can i grab and paste text form URL using katepart script?

Marek Wojciechowski mrkwjc at
Thu Apr 2 20:04:38 BST 2020


I asked the below question here:, but i'm not sure if 
this forum is alive, so i decided to write also here...

During editing in the katepart based app i would like to have a keyboard 
shortcut which executes the following sequence:

  * connect to given url,
  * grab the output of this connection,
  * past the result into document at current cursor.
  * Is this possible to achieve with scripting interface?

In kate there is a plugin "External Tools" where such functionality can 
be implemented. But this is not working (afaik) in in other katepart 
apps (like kile), that's why i'm searching for other solution.


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